Y do we fall apart in the summer /QUESTIONMARK/

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Why do we look like this

Where do you look

And why don't you look right here?

Here and there

You go


Like you don't know

Like you don't see

Like you don't own

Like you don't need


Let it be done already

And just hold it for me

Hold it steady 

Steady for the camera


Ready for the cover-up

But don't cover up

I wanna see you like this


Don't hate what you are

Dusting and falling apart

That makes you a star


In the skies I see,

that is what you are

Angel falling to the sea


And when a gust of wind turns you to angel dust

Getting some PCP is gonna be a must

That powder is heavens tease


You're the angel that up opened up all the seven seals

And now we fall apart, dusting tears


As I fall apart

And my hand turns to sand

You take it in your dusting hand

Let's have sex on the beach,

screw the land


Till ur all together

I'll make you bend

Lend me that lighter


As the morning gets brighter

And the ashes leave the tray

The morning breeze blows us away


No more hands to pray

So I just prey on you


But now we're dust

Stuck together like glue

At least we'll never rust

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