Shawty so dirty, she washed my head with a .40

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Keep your lectric eye on me babe

Put your ray gun to my head

But dontcha dare shoot bitch

This just a role play


Im losing you in the smoke

Are you still here?

Are you already gone

Maybe I should open the window


I would smoke at the balcony but at this time of the year

Its too slippery

Dont want to make u a widow


And you like to smoke in the bed

That yellow teddy bear's already got an

ashy head

That wasn't the honey he was looking for,



At least we dont have a mirror here

Ur nose would be too runny


Hey girl, that's no super soaker

That's the real thing

I know u a smoker

But that's a real sting


Don't put your finger on that stinger

Did I put the safety lock on?

Oh fuck

My mind lingers


The girl stands over me

as I curl into the corner


Don't believe that pusher

I didnt take your money it was him


Silence. I hear the drop of a pin

As the chamber clicks

I repent for each of my sins


But you're no virgin Mary

You're just a bullet that burned off my mullet

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