Give out to give in

Autor: Kornel Krakovský | 16.11.2019 o 1:31 | (upravené 16.11.2019 o 20:04) Karma článku: 0,00 | Prečítané:  36x


I take my step


through the valley of the dead


no fear in my heart

just blood pouring,


rain on the shores of Lethe

breath after breath

I hear the calling of those I let



for the longest time I was vain

was it time spent in vain?


in my veins I feel the cold blood

of those who needed it most

lonely vampire I needed a host


always needed a host


to survive


/there is blood on that blade

fuck me Im falling apart/

a part of me regrets those days

i spent biting off

pieces of you


all starts with neglect

and spitting venom from my veins

now those days gone through

and through me


like water through wine

those hands I call mine

now fade like color from my mind


I was high and thirsty for blood

now my feet had turned to clay

and im going to the see

to wash my dirt away

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