yet another Sufyan Stevens tribute

Autor: Kornel Krakovský | 13.12.2019 o 21:05 | Karma článku: 0,00 | Prečítané:  10x


and it hurts

and you know I'm a fool

who will still trace your shadow with my shoe

one of me thinks less of you

another one wants all of you

a third one weeps

and the fourth me keeps me away from you


even though

all of me

just wants to

trace your shadow with my shoe


behind my sheets and tears I

see your horizon

all of me pressed on the tought of you

but what I see is just a symbol

a ghost for my hand

it goes right through



those beauty brown eyes

like the one winged angel

spiraling through the skies

dancing in the wind

that familiar scent

of smoke


but now Im drunk of my toughts

and afraid

wishing all the lights would go away

whats the point of writing poems.

if they never even near you?


the shape of your head

the curves of your back

the mess of your hair

I cherish every memory of You

with care

the wrinkle of your smile

shine bright still

my star in the skie


I will hide behind the mirrors

just to sleep in your tender shadow

I will lay there still

Where no one bothers me, at all

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