travis scott I'm ripping you OFF

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I get that feeling every time

when you're around

throbbing from my spine

up to the mind



that feeling every time

when you come straight around

feel it in my ribs

as you take out one

and make it your wizard wand


feel it every time

when bats fly all

'round my eight legged hearth

are you scared?

to wave that wand?

and bring us up?

a leviosa

might get us closer

to the stars

and to us

who knows?

we don't


those goosebumps every time

don't answer,

I'll tell you why

you don't want to get tangled

with those snakes

in my eyes

and in my mouth


and this snake says

you're the apple of my eye

let the tree grow high girl

let the tree grow


and I don't play girl

as you grow with that tree

I'm gonna slither all the way up girl

and the snake got his eyes all over you girl

but he's willing to go blind

just to keep you close by


and oh he's enjoying his own company

by the root of the tree

but calmly he looks up

at that apple

in his dreams he bites

and he tastes

he'll be damned

if he wastes, before

he dances

with you



all around the branches he wraps his body

and slowly dancing

he whispers in the tree bark calmly

hoping the words have came right in time

so you want to hear them

as the apple feeds on them

and with her compassion

feeds them back



and the snake whispers his snake songs

his pagan poetry

whispers them to your ear

and you might hate him

dig your nails into his scales

he's a snake? what should I do?

what else?

all he's looking for is prey


you might be surprised


all this snake wants is to sing lullabies

to lift the weight from your eyes

and you fall asleep

and the tree grows

and in your dreams, you lift your soul

however long it will be

maybe by the time snake's song finished

the feeling has perished

but if it was there

it was worth it


I tell you with this snake tongue candidly


Apple of my eye

You're sweeter than candy ever could be

adoring every moment

has become an identity

this snake gets stricken down soon

he can't get to heaven

but till then

he looks

and enjoys the view














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