2 years

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the world is ending soon girl

and I choose to spend the time I have left


2 years girl

thats all that's left

cause hell is crawling to the surface


2 years, that's all we got

first month you sit

and you decide

look at the wall girl

that's never changing

don't look through the window

cause these 2 years,

every day is gonna be different


1 month, I wait for your word


now we got

23 left

a nice number


So after a month

I went to your room

and I knocked

two times at first




and I waited


and you opened





looking so fine


don't think you knew

but that's fine with me


we got 2 years


so I asked:


'What should our first day be?'


and you just threw your arms

around me

tight as a belt

I felt like your hearth,


and played

that good ol' song


but maybe It was mine

after all

In 2 years

all of this will fall


so I pick you up

in my arms

I can carry you all the way

2 years aint such a long time

I can bear


we went up to the hill

back in the day

they used to do sacrifices here

maybe that's why all the sand is red

but in 2 years girl

all the color will dissapear

from here

from everywhere.


what should we do?


let's slow down the time

let's go back

before we were born

or our mothers, or their mothers

when the red of the sand

was glistening under the sun


let's re-enact

let's give this place color

one more time


as I lay you on the altar

oh fair maiden

I lift my hand high above your chest

with the pocket knife

I carry on my side


I lower it on you lover


right above your hearth


and I move it up


above your chin


under your mouth


sharp as my finger

when the touch is sudden

leaves a red line

a drop of your blood honey

makes these old stones alive


but the sky gets darker


screams out the thunder

you lick the blade

lightning comes down under


but the same lightning

I feel

from down under


from your lips

to your tongue

to the knife

to my spine


raindrops fill your mouth

and I fold up my knife


your chestnut tinted eyes

are like a chest of treasures

I want to open wide


but is there time?

is it worth it?

is that a line worth crossing-


Too late to ask these questions

since you already crossed my mind


In 2 years...

I'm learning to paint


...and when I find the right lines


I paint a silver cross

on your back

with my two fingers

drenched in stardust


brushing your lips


then going down your




























 while I can

the sparkling ashes of this burning world

on my hand

with them

I wanna paint you in silver



so the whole world sees you as a star

same as you reflect in my eye

I want the whole world to see

till there is a world to see


before we all go blind


and our touches

will be the only words to reach


oh these 2 years...

the world is getting too bright

in all that light,

I can't even see your dark eyes

girl roll down the blinds

this sun is imprisoning our darkness

but here in the dark

our shadows have no limits


and as the time goes and goes

we will see clearly here

just like cats

two pairs of glowing eyes

will be looking back at each other

from two corners of our room

oh girl, don't roll up the blinds now

cause we will go blind for sure


2 years

but time doesn't move

when you're locked up in a room

we tricked the world

we're immortal

at least, that's what we think

until the celing above our heads

doesn't fall


Pierre et Luce

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