here's a skeč with only black ceruzka

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down in hell

there's a cheap hotel

and by the reception

a dark angel tells u where

you can lay your head

comfortably, pillowed on your hair


he tells u

where I'm waiting

a dark spirit

across the room

of in thin smoke



as you enter the room

you hear a whisper

from your center

telling you to turn back

you feel a presence

trembling under the parquet


and a gentle voice that's fadingly ringing

not mine

but of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy

of me

as I became uncomfortable in my skin-

I shed it once

or twice, trice

I might have also

shed my guts,

shed my bones,

shed a couple layers from my soul


now I live as a wraith

but with no wrath

now I'm just like fallen out teeth

no use

and no grit

on the edge

because I am Edge


I am the point of the dagger

but with no blade

nor handle

I'm just a needle


now you entered the room

with no turning back

so excited

I jump up and down

the passion fills me now


my presence

thin as a needle

pierces your long gentle neck

and now, like a mosquito

I'm sucking up all the emotions

I planted there


every last bit of me

I left to die

but you kept those memories

in your hearth



someone I never was

Is now, why I need to be

so I can be someone or something

because all I am now

is the hunger

so I eat it up, from you

and I don't think about

what can come after...


but I want more...


...and you notice...


...that little mark on your neck

that stings a bit


you brush it with your hand

and you start feeling something


behind you


I spawn hands

and start tearing your clothes of you

I rip the skirt

I rip the jacket in half

I rip the shirt

and underneath I search for






                                          m o r e





and I form dark glooming eyes

and they form a shine around my hunger

and I form a mouth around the abyss

and it forms and endless river of drool

and I form a long snake tongue

and it slithers on the floor


and with it


I tie your hands

and your legs


I have been trapped in hell for way too long

or maybe hell's been trapped in me

so now I feast on you, my fair maiden

like you're the only angel left

in a pit of hungry devils


from the cloud of my body

I spawn arms and hands and fingers

And I feel you all over

feel as your hearth throbs onto the surface

feel the fear in every inch of your body

as an animal

trapped in the jaws of the predator


I bury my fingers deep

into your soothing skin


but the more I eat

and the more I taste of your skin

the more I long for your flesh

the more I imagine


of innards...


it snaps

I feel

a turn


no more feral

the humanity starts coming back to me

and I look at your face

And I loosen my grasp


twas a big mistake


you take your chance

you bite me

and bury your nails

into me escape


and now I see you

in front of me

not just as

the remedy to my hunger


a memory


and I'm loosing my strength


we stand face to face

as of now

I stand in front of you

as a blue-greyish cloud

with glooming evil eyes

slim hands of a demon

and a tongue to the ground


and you are you

with your eyes

searching the room


on the door hanging

you see The Running Sword

and I just blink

try to say something

but just a ghoulish screech comes out

not far after

The Running Blade slides in

from your hands

through my forehead


and the toughts go away again

and my eyes wash away

like raindrops on a car window

the tongue falls of as a dead limb

right next to my dead limb

right next to my dead head


and in pieces I lay

forming a small lake

and in its reflection

you wont see yourself

I lay underneath


and slowly




I'm crawling back

to steal

from you

for one last time


steal a piece of my life..


my lady, for one last time, I beg you:


'put your hand into the puddle

I dare you

put your hand into the puddle

You know you want to


Is this a dream or reality?


do as you feel

and you will see

afterwards I dissolve

to finally set you free'


I came up, onto the floor

from my last breath


and the breath

after the last

I wanna breath all into you


make gentle love with me

on the floor

as a parting gift

as I fade away




fair maiden

demon slayer


...then crawl back on your bed

and watch me drown into the parquets


As I fade

the last toughs scramble up

in my non-existent head


I would wish                   /of desire/

for you to pick me up

to put at least a hand

on your pillow

while the floor eats up the rest


                                     /of going mad/

when the skin dries and darkens

use it as a glove

and with it

put your hand on the floor

im swimming underneath it

in pieces

if you lay down your ear

you might hear my distant whispers


please don't look at the floor ever again

you might see my hands

slowly creeping to the surface

don't stare at the abyss

cause in time, not that long

the abyss will stare back

into you

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