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Orpheus! Let's have a song!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Orpheus is looking for all he can

Orpheus looks under the bed and the carpet

he looks for remnant pieces of a revenant

Orpheus replays some remnant memories

Orpheus is too heavy hearted

to get up from his knees


Orpheus lights up a cigarette

even though

Orpheus was looking for some weed

Orpheus can't stop staring at the ceiling

even though

Orpheus is just looking for some sleep


he's looking for a voice

that would make him rest from all the voices

but all he finds is the voice of sweet nothing

and it's telling him:

'you failed

you failed

you failed

you failed

you failed you failed you failedyoufailedyoufailedyoufailedyoufailedyouyouyoufailedfailedyouyouyouyoufailedfailedfailed...you' YOU...!


It's safe to say he didn't want this

I would know because now,


Orpheus I am saying this through your tongue, which is connected with a long slimy lump of sorrow to your/my heart:


I hoped we die

chest to chest

while our hearts stop on each other.

One drummer finishes the set

the other will know to follow.


But my heart still beats angrily

then, it stops, as if sorrow spoke in silence.

But alas, the stoppage is not long enough

to let me die.

And the heart comes back stronger than before.

To make me FEEL

more than before.

And my toughts make me wanna do things...

... always

a little bit more, than before.


As I sleeplessly dream of hearing your voice

I change the strings in my lute for your hair

the hair you left on your brush by our bed

If I had more I would wrap it around my hands

and cover my face for ever and a day


Now I Orfeus, stand by the Gates,

which none of you know yet

I see that dog looking at me,

with his six sick eyes

He senses fear in the fact

That I only got two.

One is on him

but one closed forever


for you.


I play my lute

as if I was just brushing your red locks.

Now vermilion light surrounds me

and his angry jaws close


by one

by one.


Orfeus can't hurt the pooch

but I'm not gentle as him

the dog lets down his guard

and I take his life with me.


As the soul leaves his body

The beast becomes a part of me

It connects with the beast in me

it's frail and fragile bars torn down

no god can help themselves from now.


I go down to the Lake,

none of you have seen yet,

and the Orfeus in me plays for the ferryman

a sweet sweet shanty,

about jolly drunk sailors

and seas with life,

the ferryman looks down,

his reflectionlessnes puts a frown

on his reflectionless face.


And the Me in me wonders

why should I play still

why, if you're not here?

the vermilion you left

surrounds me

and I drown the ferryman

and I become him.


A part of me

that can't find home

can't find peace

is now destined

to aimlessly wander the dark waters

that are so so deep within me.

That part has no reflection,

but for it You, are the mirror!

For this ferry You,

are the destination.


And slowly I get to the throne

none of you will ever see,

right to the knees

of the Lords

of the Underworld.

One last song

I have prepared

for this couple.

And it's a song, I know better than well


I wrote it for a year.

In 3 parts.

The first one found you without me knowing,

the second started the searching,

flew to you when you turned away.

The third,

was the last dying hope

put together ramblings,

the last spark sent out

before the year had ended.


I finished,

with my fingers bleeding,

with my lute ruined.

I played my life out,

and I hear an applause.

From the hollow the skeletons,

and vengeful demons.




Hades hides his face

and gives me a deal:

'you can have her,

she will hold your hand,

and walk behind you,


you can't look back at her,

or she will be back with us,



but I knew now

I came this far

not for a deal, not just for you,

but for me,

and for us,

to have it all...


Vermilion rage took me over,

your hair from the lute

wrapped around my hands,

smooth as silk and sharp as a razor

ir slit the throats of a sobbing king

and his scared queen.

Your hairs around my fist

grew even more brilliant, in the blood of gods,

and they found You again,

while you grew more brilliant, in my eyes.


And the ancient bodies of gods

turn into a red lake,

where I go with you,

with our clothes left on the black shore.

I clean your face and hair off death,

and you clean my body off sorrow.

In the lake, we unite once again,

connect, after a long time of longing,

we take in the wine of the gods,

through our skin.

We take in each other through our sins.


I notice as inside me

my rage and killing bursts grow celestial.

I notice you from outside, 

pressed close and deep onto me,

your red hair turns redder than life itself,

your pale skin resembles a perfect pearl,

the dark diamond in your eyes

got a godly glare.


And the red lake is no more.

And the gods that took us apart

no more.

And I take his seat,

and you take hers.

His and hers are no more,

because All is ours.


We stay in the dark and rule this world

me with myt threeway divided heart,

and you

with all your secrets buried in your eyes,

but also,

with my lute,

I don't need it anymore because,

I got the throne, and I got you.

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