this time, the Lake cures my thirsty innards

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by all that's holy

by all that's red

by the triangular circles in my bed

by all my hands

all eight of them

caressing your back


by all my limbs

that slither around your soul

like a burning chain on your neck

a silver cross on a vampire's chest

so pale, so cold, never turns old

as the light shines in

and our sweat turns into smoke


and the day comes in


so we go out to the night


I hold you closer

so I don't loose you in the dark

and you put it in your mouth

embrace me

from the waist down

and my soul's weight

lays comfortably on your face

as you put it into your mouth


then we lay so calm

on that silent lake

we delay what's to come

but it just comes ever so closer


on the Silent Lake

you hear the swim

of a slightly less silent hand

you feel the breeze

of the nearly silent fingers

and you know, where're they're going

to brush the silence away.


the Lake

hides you in silence

and you fill up

with sounds

and words

your tongue can't pronounce

the words im writing into you


your breath falls and rises

as my fingers write those lines

lines on the living walls

and the wall rises

and the wall falls


I disperse your tension with my tongue

And tie it to yours

in a knot

The tension scatters through your body

lightning exits the pores of your skin

as I feel you up with my other hand

on your breast

and the silence entirely disappears


the silence opens up

the waters close

the clouds above us open up

a lightning strucks us and swallows us whole

but the heaven is calm

the lightning came from down under

while you somehow crept up to my waist

and heavens and waters connected us


and now it starts

a thunderstorm above us

while the silence of the lake won't hide us

this might


but the thunder has to hit

exactly when you scream

following my lightning

that hits your insides

and the clouds inside your body

come together

they can't keep it in any longer

and let out the rain


the rains leave your body

and the heavenly lightning fills you up

the storm is over

and you embrace me

shining from all the lightning

I hear the last thunder

sweetly in my ear


and the sky and the earth rests

and you breathe in

and you breathe out

not so long after the thunder again hits

and the clouds inside you collide

and comes day and after that night

but we stay connected

and after the concealing silence

a storm will soon again rise

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