this time the lake feeds on my innards

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I want to

you know

I really do

but like

give me a reason

so I can still be me

after that


you say you like to loose yourself

sometimes you cease to be you

and I mean...

I am losing myself too in this

you know (?)

I just

don't wanna become a ring

in this fucking chain that's around me


I wanna find a reason

to not hurt you back

and at the same time

I'm thinking of the worst ways

I could...

but I couldn't


I wake up with bloody hands

that's just residue from my dreams

after I closed my eyes

you can imagine...what I did


I killed myself thousand times

and In thousand forms

not just in my dreams

but ever since I was born


but killing myself for this...


It felt like this is something I can trust

I felt like I could lean onto this wall

and it won't give up on me

but it did

and then it did again



do you pity me?

do I pity you?

is it understanding? empathy?

or just pity?

what's even the difference?


I'm not sure


the light of my eyes

only gives way to you...

but when you saw it

but you stuck a needle

right through my pupil

and another

through the other


deep deep

into my brain

combining toughts, tastes, smells, memories

in pain


and you pull me closer

I don't see anymore

but I feel your blood on my skin

bathing me

you are losing it...but...why should i care?




I should...




I crave for your blood


BUT WHY?????


What have I become?

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know

Goes away in the end

and I don't know why

                                                and I might know why


It is sick

but not just you...

... it's also me



I know you are gonna deal with it




                                                              but afterwards



you'll have to deal with me

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