Albanian sworn virgins

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this is what I wanted to do

the obstacle I wanted to overcome

and I was motivated

motivated very good

I have to say


but I have to say..


I got

(I got got?)


I got

what I wanted..

What I wanted?


and I'm scared of all the eyes

I don't wanna explain




don't drag my cloak from me

no one gets to see

I don't want you to see

the cloak is beautiful

embroided with the stars and the moon

and underneath it?


just a galaxy of scars and cold 

old blood

from a moon shaped wound

too lazy to even bleed properly

so its just lays there

like some lazy red slug

or goes back inside to eat

or goes to sleep in the tender clot

or just stares at the walls 

of the moon-shaped scar

and as it looks out my now naked body

I just wanna put a handkerchief on it

clean it of


just go somewhere already lazy blood!

fortunately, it's too lazy to disobey

and when it's cleaned off

I put the cloth right to my nose

it feels like another nose

so I rub it up real tender like


and it feels

like it's gonna be okay


my scars are ok


i dont have to hide from everyone


maybe not

maybe just for 1

a možno to je jedno

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