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we're off to nowhere

like it's the best place to be

because it is

no one will find us

and no one will know

we parted from home

but never parted our lips

little sea creatures live now

in the wet cave of our intertwined mouths


seashells on an island

that's just a giant sea turtle

I dig my head from the sand

and brush the dirt off it

with you and your hand

I step into the deep deep blue

my legs were on the edge

now they are embraced from all around

the corals wrapping them tightly

I can't move

you look at the sea so I can once again move


our mouths part again

and the sea spils on the floor

it fills up the room

it fills to the roof

squids and fish and turtles swim

corals wrap around us

and gift us air to breathe


you cried as you saw it

happily I hope

now you're in it

and It's in us

the water makes us wrinkled on the skin

or maybe it was just so pleasant

to be like this

that our time went by quickly

..and now we're old

do we regret that we stayed here?

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