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the more things you have from me

the more I am with you

for all these

lifeless pieces

are filled with my soul

and gonna live on longer than you or I do


the more you have of it

the more I am with you

put it all together

under the light of the crimson moon

and feel my hand touch you


the more you have of it

the more I have you

put them on your bed, in a circle

and sleep inside of it

and you will feel me

inside you


the more you have of it

the less I need to be around

lifeless things won't get angry or sad

they will look at you the same

every single day


the more you have of it

the more you have me

the metal is filled with my blood

the fabric is laced with my hair

and the words they took my feelings

for I have non no more


the more you have of it

the less I have of myself

Im scattered in

small lifeless forms around you

hoping dust won't be my only embrace


the more you have of it

the less I'm bound to flesh

as long as you preserve every piece

every metal, fabric

every tought, every word

I'm immortal


the more you have of me

around your neck

the more of me

is wrapped around your breasts

the more of me

hugs tightly round your waists

the more of me

brushes your legs,

and the insides of your thighs


the more

of my bloody insides turns your room scarlet

the more

my blood colours your hair shinier

the more

it bathes your skin in reincarnation

the more

of my bones you put

on your hands, legs, neck, head

the more

shards of my rotten soul,

can find their way

to you


and what I said is written in your heart

and what I said is written on your skin

and when I brush of your tears

I write new words on your cheeks

and I whisper them to all those lifeless things

before I send them out to you

and what I give is words in form

and what I give is toughts in shape

and what I get is much much more

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